Tools improve team productivity and allow people to work on what they should work. Everyone is happier when they have a tool.

Unity Automation Register Tool

I created some automatic register tools in Unity to improve game designers' and artists' workflow. These features were created in a way that they can expand to an infinite number of items, without the need to change the tools.

Photoshop Automation Tool

These tools were created in Python to automate Photoshop. They can be something simple as saving each layer of a PSD file in a separated png, or something more complex as getting all images in a folder, finding the right background in another folder, and saving to a third one.

Level Creator / Scene Drawer

The level creator tool can take an image file and convert it into a scene. It supports different game objects and it works for 3D levels, not only 2D. The Scene Drawer does the opposite, it takes a scene and outputs a png file.

Unity Upgrades

I also did some small unity improvements, as allowing the users to copy and paste lists/arrays, and custom serialization for different data types.


Creating shaders is like having magical powers over the engine. It's a fascinating area. Here are some of mine.

Audio Reactive

This shaders reacts to the music beat. It uses geometry and fragment shaders to make this cool blacklight effect when the 808 drops  (watch it with sound).

"Changing Dimension"

This is a really cool effect that looks like the player is changing between dimensions as if one of them cracked.

Water and Grass

Material Blend

This one allows me to control the world Y area that the blend between textures starts, it's blending area size and strength, and also the quantity of the higher texture.