SI.RT.ET is a reverse Tetris created for Brackeys Game Jam 4. The game was done entirely by me in a 7 days period.

The theme of the jam was Rewind and so I decided to attack the theme on both the game aesthetic and mechanics. The aesthetic is Retrowave, trying to take the player back to the 80's arcades, in the mechanics you have to rewind a complete Tetris board, removing the pieces from to top till the bottom. Also, it's Tetris in a way, so you can say it's a rewind to the beginning of the game industry.

The game is currently unpublished as I removed it from to work on its Steam version.


Featured Showcase

2020-08-08 01_47_40-SI.RT.ET
2020-08-08 01_48_22-Game
2020-08-08 01_47_16-SI.RT.ET
2020-08-08 01_48_49-Game